Results of the CSO Meter Research 2021 Armenia presented

2022-04-27 15:08:26  | Armenia  |   Press release | 103   
  On April 26, 2022, Transparency International Anticorruption Center (TIAC) organised the presentation of the CSO Meter Armenia 2021 country report. The event was attended by the representatives of the

Turkey Disgraces Itself by Denying- The Genocide after Biden’s Acknowledgment

2022-04-27 11:47:17  | Armenia  |   Politics | 112   
  Pres. Joe Biden issued a written statement on April 24, officially recognizing the Armenian Genocide for the second year in a row.   Here is an excerpt from Pres. Biden’s acknowledgment:


2022-04-21 16:42:06  | Armenia  |   Press release | 490   
Ucom is the first company in the Armenian telecommunications market to decide in 2019 to issue high yield corporate bonds in AMD and USD.    In the previous article, we examined

Pashinyan’s Trail of Destruction: First Artsakh; Then Armenia

2022-04-20 11:05:11  | Armenia  |   Politics | 598   
  Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan delivered a very lengthy, rambling speech on April 13, 2022 to the Armenian Parliament on his government’s failures and achievements in 2021.   Ever since the


2022-04-14 17:12:55  | Armenia  |   Press release | 996   
In 2019, Ucom issued corporate bonds for the first time.   In this article we will try to understand what a bond is and what are the advantages of that as

We will adhere to the struggle for independence based on the right of peoples to self-determination. President Harutyunyan held a meeting in Martakert

2022-04-13 13:43:55  |   |   Press release | 1060   
On April 12, President of the Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan met in the town of Martakert with the officials of the regional administration, community heads and active representatives of

Turkey Evades Western Sanctions -By Welcoming Russian Oligarchs

2022-04-13 10:21:19  | Armenia  |   Politics | 1075   
  The dispute continues between those who want to reward Turkey and those who want to condemn it, because of its contradictory positions on the Russia-Ukraine war.   The Wall Street Journal

Global Community joins FAST in Raising $1.4 Million for Science & Tech

2022-04-11 12:42:26  | Armenia  |   Press release | 1227   
  The Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST) held its inaugural fundraiser- Advance Armenia Gala – on March 31, 2022, in Los Angeles, CA at The Landmark with hundreds

The Republic’s President chaired a regular sitting of the Security Council

2022-04-08 16:18:37  |   |   Press release | 1430   
On April 8, President of the Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan chaired a regular sitting of the Security Council. Issues related to the military-political situation in the republic, recent developments taking

American Corners in Armenia Celebrate the 7th Reading Marathon

2022-04-08 15:04:49  | Armenia  |   Press release | 1389   
  The five American Corners in Armenia – in Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Charentsavan, and Kapan – came together April 8 to mark the National Library Week with a reading marathon

Yerevan announced as host city for 20th Junior Eurovision Song Contest

2022-04-06 15:45:08  | Armenia  |   Press release | 1544   
  The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and its Armenian Member AMPTV are pleased to announce that the 20th Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in the Karen Demirchyan Sports

Paranoid Ottoman Sultans Murdered- Their Brothers to Secure their Throne

2022-04-06 10:28:21  | Armenia  |   Politics | 1575   
  We all know that the Ottoman army invaded many countries with utter savagery. We also know that the Ottoman Empire committed mass killings and genocide against millions of Armenians,

Global Finance names Ameriabank Best Bank in Armenia in 2022

2022-04-04 17:56:22  | Armenia  |   Press release | 1690   
  Ameriabank has been named Best Bank in Armenia in 2022 by Global Finance, a leading magazine specializing in coverage of international finance sector. The announcement has come as the

The regular sitting of the Security Council under the chairmanship of President Harutyunyan was held in an expanded format

2022-04-01 16:08:21  |   |   Press release | 1903   
A regular sitting of the Security Council under the chairmanship of President of the Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan was held in an expanded format. In his opening remarks, the President

STATEMENT by the Democratic Forces of Armenia

2022-04-01 14:54:53  | Armenia  |   Press release | 1897   
  We, the undersigned, acting as the bearers and representatives of the national will of the Armenian people, raise our irreversible choice and position on the following:    1) The sovereignty of

Transavia will start operating flights on the route Paris -Yerevan- Paris

2022-03-31 13:40:10  | Armenia  |   Press release | 1989   
  From 23 April 2022 Transavia will start operating flights on the route Paris (Orly) -Yerevan- Paris (Orly). The frequency of flights will be twice a week, every Wednesday and

300 gifts, 3 promotional draws - Winners of Ameriabank’s promotional draws “Live Armenian”, “Live with a Smile” and “Live Limitless” are announced

2022-03-31 13:03:57  | Armenia  |   Press release | 1988   
  On March 30, Ameriabank summed up the promotional draws “Live Armenian”, “Live with a Smile” and “Live Limitless” and announced the results.   From December 9, 2021 to March 9, 2022,

Turkey Can Fool Some People Some Time- But not All People, All the Time

2022-03-30 11:53:02  | Armenia  |   Politics | 2075   
  The Turkish government is continuing its duplicitous game of playing on both sides of the fence, pretending to be the friend of both Russia and Ukraine in order to


2022-03-29 16:33:06  | Armenia  |   Press release | 2084   
The sales of Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro smartphones on the best credit terms kicked off at Ucom sales and service centers, as well as in Ucom’s online shop.    According

Supporters Have Joined the Movement to Transform Armenia’s Future Through Science

2022-03-29 14:14:52  | Armenia  |   Press release | 2059   
  Armenia has recently received attention from the international community supporting the advancement of science and innovation.   Local and Diaspora Armenians as well as foreign companies and investors have joined the

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